Most people think the negatives of aging are inevitable..

Getting older doesn't have to mean movement gets difficult or injuries will happen more often.

Let me teach you how to thrive as you age!

What people I have worked with have to say...

Not all transformations are based purely on a physical or aesthetic change. There is a lot more that goes on behind the scenes that photos can't capture.


“Since working with Sonny, my body definition and fitness have improved dramatically.

Sonny took time to listen to my goals and then worked a training plan out to achieve what I wanted but also what was achievable. He would alter and adjust training sessions to suit my fitness levels and as they improved he would and push and motivate me beyond my targets.

He would also change my workout routines dependant on whether I wanted to gain muscle or to lean out and increase my speed and stamina prior to a competition.

I will continue to work with Sonny and would and have recommended him to people requiring a personal trainer.”


Sonny helped me to achieve a body shape that I loved and felt proud of. He made me find a love for workouts and the gym and find a passion in working out. I wanted to get into shape for a big holiday I had coming up and Sonny worked me hard.

At the start, I complained a lot, no pain no gain! But as i started to see the difference, I was very thankful for him pushing me more and more each workout and realising my potential. He helped me lose body fat, but also gain muscle and definition, and above all he brought back my body confidence, and for that I will be forever grateful.


I like to practice what I preach and live by my own values that I aim to instill in you.

I didn't 'go hard or go home', I didnt 'crush' every workout and I didn't spend 4 hours a day on a treadmill to get results.

I trusted the process, stayed consistent and prioritised my health to get to where I am today.

Let me show you how to apply this to your own lifestyle so that you, too, can reap the benefits.

Hi, I'm Sonny!

I help people that are afraid of getting older and slowing down because they believe that 'aging is inevitable'.

Whether it's keeping up with the kids, or waking up with a sore back, or just noticing energy levels dipping as the years pass by, your lifestyle is the governing factor when it comes to keeping the rust at bay.

If you've struggled with the idea and realisation that you're not as sprightly as you used to be, or the aches and pains are lingering longer than expected; I am here to show you that it doesn't have to be permanent.

I have spent over 7000 hours working with clients; learning from and listening to each of them to really hone the process of reversing the effects and feelings of aging. I am confident in my ability to get you the results you crave, to overcome your barriers and to create a roadmap to guide you to your personal goals with the full backing of someone that lives what they preach.

If you're fed up with feeling like you're getting old and you're ready to make aging a thing of the past then you're in the right place.

Check your Health age compared to your biological age.

Do you think getting unfit as you age is inevitable?
Let me show you how good you can feel at any age!